About Us

Advancements in technology have made recruiting more efficient. With job boards and social profiles employers know who’s looking for a job and job seekers know who’s hiring. Unfortunately, these advancements have led to information overload: too many people and too many jobs to consider when success is a single job match. To improve effectiveness, companies and candidates are engaging in the keyword matching arms race. The keywords and what they represent are important, but considering labels first creates such a strong bias that employers will miss out on talented individuals. Both the employer and candidate are missing opportunities.

BuzzHero believes that employers should consider the candidate’s skills first, not their education, employment history, or any other label. Focusing on skills, not labels ultimately gives candidates opportunities they normally would not receive and gives employers access to unknown talent pools that are outside of their narrow search criteria.

BuzzHero’s technology platform and network of technical experts provides companies an objective way to consider candidates based on their skills. Our technology platform presents, records, and scores questions consistently. Our technical experts provide a human touch to ensure a thoughtful and accurate assessment for employers and a high-quality experience for candidates.