Even a Top 20 employer can improve the recruiting process

According a Glassdoor Survey, AirBnB is the #1 employer in America. AirBnB also has the highest percentage of negative interview experiences from candidate ratings. Imagine how well they will do if they improve their candidate experience.

It is important to note that improving the interview experience does not mean making the interview easier. There is an opportunity for every company to improve, regardless of interview difficulty

GlassDoor’s Top 20: Negative interview experiences vs. the difficulty of the interview




AirBnB is ranked #1, however their negative interview experience ratings are in a class of their own. Their negative interview rating is 7 percentage points worse than any other top 20 employer. From a sample of the 25 candidate reviews on Glassdoor, it is true that those that did not receive an offer had a poor interview experience. However, even some of those that received an offer also rated the interview experience negatively. Here are some candidate quotes explaining the negative experience of the coding challenge:

I explained my thought process and my approach but got no feedback from the interviewer. I went ahead and wrote the code, fixed all errors and ran it. I checked with the interviewer if he saw the output and asked him if he wanted me to walk him through it. I believe I solved it correctly but got no feedback. He just copied my code and said he’ll check the output later. A day later I got the email that they don’t think my background and qualifications match with the position and they have not decided to go ahead with the interview process.

The interviewer was on mute the whole time, so it was difficult to get any feedback on the direction I was taking. I suggested one solution to the problem, and was told that it was not acceptable – because they wanted me to solve it a different way.

Let’s take a look at the companies that do well on candidate experience. Three of the top 20 employers that do very well in candidate interview experience are Bain & Company, Boston Consulting, and Eastman. Bain & Company is the #2 employer after AirBnB. They have the highest interview difficulty and a low negative interview experience rating. From 25 sample review for Bain’s interview experience 9 candidates received offers, 16 candidates did not and all of the 25 had a positive interview experience. Here are a few candidate reviews on these 3 companies’ interview experience:

“Throughout the process, everyone was very friendly – in the end, I was told I didn’t make the cut because I was too nervous, and they told my other friend she asked too many questions that made her seem cautious”.

“The formal onsite interview was set up well with quite a lot of attention to the details… Overall a great attention to candidate care!”

“Lots of feedback and guidance, including 2 mock interviews with consultants.”

In summary, there is an opportunity for every company to improve their interview process. This does not mean making the process easier or more difficult. Companies who want to improve their candidate experience are focused on giving candidates the feedback they deserve. They also show care for their candidates in the pipeline regardless of whether or not they will get an job offer. In the end, a good interview experience gives the company a better brand image to attract top talent.