Is it important to have a great candidate experience in the interview process?

It goes without saying that the hiring/interview process for most tech companies is demanding and time consuming for people applying for a software engineering position. The majority of the time these tech companies are interviewing thousand of other individuals for the same current position being offered. The process of selecting a candidate for the job that is the right culture fit and has the technical skills to perform well for companies is extremely difficult. This makes tech companies’ recruiters and hiring managers with no choice but looking for a way to reject candidates, which is problematic. Not all of the recruiters and hiring managers are going to keep all of these candidates’ experiences positive. However, this could be a solution or opportunity to tech companies attracting top talented individuals for building their engineering dream team by conducting a positive interview candidate experience for software engineers.

GetVoip conducted a study with Glassdoor’s candidate’s interview experience. They wanted to learn how the job hiring processes were piloted for major tech companies. They looked at hundreds reviews on Glassdoor from software engineers who applied to thirteen popular tech companies. Here is what they found:



The candidates interview experience overall was very positive, but for some of those tech companies like Twitter, Linkedin, Apple, and Uber their percentages of negative experiences are higher than 20% is disturbing. Does that negative percentage impact the organization also in a negative way? Every individual applying on their own and those receiving an employee referral is required to go through the interview/hiring process there is no short cuts for hiring. I say it does have an impact because it shows the actually culture of the company and how they treat their employees through the actual interview process without the company even realizing they did.

Candidate feedback from their experiences with the interview/hiring process for tech companies could provide answers in strengthening the process overall, and marketing their culture the right way to individuals. Although giving tech companies benefit of the doubt that there is always a reason for rejecting candidates, and those rejected individuals becoming bias with their opinions on the company with how unpleasant their experience was. However, there is an opportunity for tech companies to learn and improve the difficult hiring/interviewing process by increasing that percentage of positive candidate experience. Stop wasting good people’s time by giving them a horrible interview experience. They took time out of their lives to see what that company has to offer. (Kind of don’t know how to end)