Autism Advantage at DC “Tech Week”

We’ve had an amazing series of meetings in Washington this week. Thanks to Accenture, key members of our Autism Advantage staff were able to collaborate with some of the nation’s leading Goodwill operations as we collectively work to build tech career incubators in underserved communities across the country


Trish Dorsey (Expandability/Autism Advantage), Sheila Kates (Accenture representative and the mother of an autistic son), and John Marble (Expandability/Autism Advantage, who is autistic).

From the Goodwill blog:

What seems natural from each of these events is the partnership between government, business, and nonprofit organizations to solve our country’s challenges…the results are empowering for people, communities, economies and keep the country as a whole competitive in a cutting-edge realm

We were able to leverage this opportunity to demonstrate the results of our Autism Advantage training program with key business and social enterprise leaders. The week in DC also allowed our staff to strategize about scaling sustainable models of autistic employment training beyond our current training set. That’s great for Autism Advantage and great for companies seeking to fill talent gaps with qualified workers. We also found a benefit to having both autistic and non-autistic staff represent us in Washington as it allowed us to model how mainstreaming autistic talent into the workplace produces positive results. This week was certainly productive for us. Thank you to Accenture for ensuring our participation. We can’t wait to take the investment you made in our week in Washington and return it with quantifiable program results.

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