‘My 108 Mile Bike Ride for Autistic Adults’

I nearly jumped from my seat when I clicked the headline. My friend Kenneth had posted a link on social media titled My 108 Mile Bike Ride for Autistic Adults. For the past few months I’ve served as an advisor and coach to the Autism Advantage program. We train and place autistic individuals in well-paying jobs. Now, my friend Kenneth will be riding his bike this month to raise funds for the program so that we can move even more autistic people into careers. Kenneth and I have had some amazing road trips over the years, but this may be the most amazing road trip he’s undertaken yet.


From Kenneth’s fundraising page:


I’m riding my trusty road bike from DC to Delaware to raise awareness and support for a really cool program helping train and place autistic adults into high-paying, challenging and fulfilling careers. It needs your help to go nationwide, and it’s 100% tax deductible.

On a friend’s sage advice, your funds will help Expandability (a program of Goodwill of Silicon Valley) provide training, employment opportunities, and post-employment support for autistic adults.


That friend of mine is working with Autism Advantage, two partners with a fresh approach to training and developing quality career positions in the IT industry for autistic people.  Expandability provides the soft-skills training and BuzzHero does the technical training and provides employer and employee support services once hired.   Autism Advantage is looking to grow across the country, and for now helping Expandability is the best way to make that happen.

Take a second to click-through and give $5, $10, $50, more to support Kenneth as he supports the training and employment of autistic adults. We’re building autistic culture and helping solve for autistic unemployment. A small donation today means that Kenneth gets some great cardio and an individual who has been unable to navigate the hiring process will get the support they need to build a meaningful career. Thank you to Kenneth, and to all who give to support his effort. Do so today.


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