Symantec Coaches Autism Advantage Class

One of the great things about our Autism Advantage program is the coaching and feedback provided to our students by leading companies across Silicon Valley.  This afternoon, Shu Zhang, Director of Database Engineering for Symantec, joined our current data analyst cohort to discuss the work of Symantec, provide coaching on technical skills, and tips on workplace navigation.


This was Zhang’s second time participating in an Autism Advantage class. In May, Zhang came in to coach the members of our spring training program. Apart from her deep experience in database engineering and within the tech world, Zhang is also the mother of an autistic child.

This spring, Symantec provided Expandability (BuzzHero’s non-profit partner in Autism Advantage) with a $50,000 grant that enabled Expandability to create its first ever cohort focused on data science and data analysis. This contribution is yet another example of Symantec’s industry-leading commitment to developing a more innovative and inclusive workforce.

More information on the Autism Advantage program can be found here.





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