County Federal Taps Autism Advantage as Wise Investment

No more charity, please. At Autism Advantage, we’re all about wise investments. One of the things I’ve loved most about basing our program in Silicon Valley is the ease at which the technology sector understands autistic workforce development as a crucial investment rather than as a charity.

For over 65 years, County Federal (Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union) has supported the rapid growth of Silicon Valley by providing financial solutions to the educators and service providers supporting the technology sector. County Federal is a credit union that understands the importance of financial independence and community investment, and we are excited to welcome them as our most recent community partner.


County Federal’s commitment to Autism Advantage was witnessed by tech executives from across Silicon Valley at our most recent commencement ceremony. There, credit union representative Rachael Moreno stood alongside our data analytics training program graduates as she presented the program with a direct funding check on behalf of County Federal. However, County Federal’s investment in our students doesn’t end there. Like many of the executives in the room, County Federal has also provided input and feedback to students as they’ve sharpened their data presentation skills. That’s been crucial to their success.

We tremendously thank County Federal for the funding and coaching which the credit union has provided. We are also thrilled that County Federal will be deepening their investment in our program by providing financial literacy and financial independence coaching to students in future training cohorts. That’s huge. Autistic adults and their families routinely report financial independence and independent living as top concerns, yet few resources exist to help them solve for them.

Working with County Federal, we’re able to leverage their expertise in order to increase the return they’ve invested in our students. A small investment at the front-end of an autistic person’s career will scale to success throughout their entire life.

bikeride1Hey! Our friend Kenneth is riding his bike this July for 100 miles from Washington, DC to the Atlantic Ocean. He decided to do this on his own to raise awareness and funds to train autistic adults through Autism Advantage. We think that’s awesome and hope you do to. You can support his effort by clicking here. Check it out!

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