Autism Advantage at Pivotus Ventures

Last week, Autism Advantage brought together both alumni and newly-enrolled students for an afternoon in Menlo Park visiting Pivotus Ventures. Through our visit, we learned how the innovative company is disrupting the traditional banking space to improve services for customers.  Over the past 10 years, have spent billions of dollars moving people toward online and mobile banking. While this method has provided many conveniences, Pivotus recognized that this shift has left a customer service gap which the market hasn’t addressed yet.

Our trip to Pivotus was eye-opening. We learned that Pivotus is helping financial institutions to position themselves to meet various customer expectations.  Specifically, their platforms are helping reintroduce the personal banker experience back into the equation in order to increase customer transactions and customer satisfaction. One of the ways Pivotus is doing this is by leveraging a software platform that Tinderizes the search for a personal banker and allows a central point of contact for all one’s banking needs.

Chief Product Officer Soren Bested took the Autism Advantage students and graduates through a deep dive into how their product will revolution the banking experience by reintroducing personal relationships and trust into virtual banking. He shared his experience with moving to America and the profound effect his personal banker had made in his own life.


Oren Goldsmidt, President of Pivotus Ventures, shares with Autism Advantage students the Pivotus “Flash Presentation” wall. The wall is used by employees who give brief, five-minute presentations on topics they love. Our students and staff loved the concept so much that we plan to incorporate the practice into our October cohort as a way of strengthening the presentation skills of our students while allowing them to share topics they love.

Our Autism Advantage team then met with Oren Goldsmidt, President of Pivotus Ventures, to hear more about Pivotus’ vision of the future and how they intend to increasingly scale their products to meet future market demands. He provided an extremely insightful question-and-answer session on the topic of how and where automation can be integrated into a product whose main goal is personal connection.

Following our discussion with Oren, one of the recent cohort graduates presented data findings to Pivotus Venture employees as well as new enrollees in the Autism Advantage program. The presentation centered on the machine learning model he developed, a model which won our Autsim Advantage Hackathon to most accurately predict the success of a video game based on a provided data set. Connecting alumni, students, and private businesses is key to developing neurodiversity in Silicon Valley and beyond. We were excited to learn of Pivotus Ventures own work in innovation, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to visit with their leadership and staff.

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